Our coaching Principles

In our definition coaching is a collaborative processes where we help to change the cognitive, emotional and behavioral aspects of an attitude, relating to persons, things and situations (Papp, 2010). We build:

  • awareness - first of all to raise awareness in order to give a chance for gaining controll
  • responsibility - then to raise your commitment toward your own performance, to accept responsibility for your thoughts and your actions

In this sense our goal is to focus the executives thinking, feelings and behavior on their work life and to force growth in that domains. Through this, executive coaching influences both work behavior and overall personal well-being.


Our coaching instruments

Our instruments in the coaching processes  consist of asking solution focused, timely and properly phrased questions and active listening. We challenge executives to their own competence and learning edge and we help leaders to build capacity to manage their own anxiety in tough situation. We encourage leaders to reorganize their thinking, visioning, planning and expectations and to see their behavior in ways that create connections and increase awareness. We create opportunities for measurable behavioral changes together which increase individual and organizational performance. We facilitate this change by giving direct behavior based feedback.

In the coaching session leaders can gain increased self-awareness and self-esteem, improve their communication, and interpersonal skills with peers and subordinates.

The GROW modell

Our purpose is to help people to GROW through the following four points which also structure the coaching session:
  1. Goal: help the individual to set clear goals and objectives, define priorities and measurements of success.
  2. Reality: assess the client s current circumstances and resources and gain a clear understanding of the obstacles to overcome. Provide an insight into the choices available to the client and the potential benefits that change would bring.
  3. Options: work through the various options available to reach and achieve the goals and objectives set.
  4. Willingness: the way forward, the key actions step that needed for goal achievement and will take individuals closer to their goal.

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Enikő Papp
Work and organizational psychologist, 
certified Business Coach and Trainer

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